Port Barton, Palawan Travel Guide

Port Barton Map
Port Barton Map

Port Barton is a remote and secluded village off the northwest coast of Palawan. It is part of San Vicente, a town between Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido. It has a serene and laidback setting, which makes it an attractive stopover for backpackers and tourists who want to go away from the crowd. It is a good place to relax, unwind and recharge your soul.

Port Barton
Port Barton Beach

Port Barton is unspoiled, unsophisticated and slightly undeveloped. Going here is an adventure itself, but any traveler who has been here admits that the trip was all worth it. It boasts of a 1,500 meters of clean and white sand beach surrounded by coconut trees. It is a protected bay with a panoramic view of several islands out front and a virgin forest in the background.

The main attraction here is the Port Barton Marine Park, which covers 750 square kilometers of protected marine area. The marine park has twelve (12) islands ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. There are also a number of dive sites here.


Mini-bus to Port Barton
Mini-bus to Port Barton

Port barton can be reached via Puerto Prinsesa City. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia have regular flights to Puerto Prinsesa. It is advisable to take the first flight out of Manila.

From Puerto Prinsesa

By Private Transport

  1. The rate for renting a van is Php 5,000. This includes the trip back since they will not be able to get passengers back to Puerto Prinsesa.
  2. Travel time is two (2) hours.

By Public Transport

Consider this an adventure. Pack a lot of patience, the trip can sometimes be grueling and tiresome. Do not worry, the trip and experience is all worth it.

  1. From the airport or Puerto Prinsesa City proper, take a tricycle (Php 50 per trip) or multicab (Php 15 per pax) to San Jose Terminal. Travel time takes around 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. There is a mini-bus (San Isidro Express) going directly to Port Barton.
  3. The only trip leaves at 9:00AM but be sure to be there early as it can be filled up as early as 8:00AM.
  4. Fare is Php 200 and travel time takes around four (4) hours
  5. There is one stopover for lunch midway during the trip.
  6. Be sure to bring water during the trip specially during the summer season since it can get very humid.
  7. Wear something comfortable.
  8. Wear sunglasses and something to cover your face. The road is unpaved midway and expect a lot of dust along the way.
  9. The mini-bus stops at the Tourist Assistance Center (TAC).

From Sabang

By Private Transport

  1. There is no direct trip via land. One has to go back to Puerto Prinsesa and travel to Port barton the following day.
  2. The fastest way is via a pumpboat.
  3. A private boat that can carry four (4) persons cost Php 5,000, depending on your negotiation skills, it could go lower.
  4. Travel time is two (2-3) hours.

By Public Transport

  1. There are only boat trips during the peak season
  2. Fare is Php 1,200 per person

From El Nido

By Boat

  1. A private boat that can carry four (4) persons cost Php 8,000, depending on your negotiation skills, it could go lower.
  2. Travel time is five (5) hours depending on weather conditions.
  3. Waterproof your stuff. The South China Sea can sometimes be rough
  4. Bring ample food and water during the trip.

By Land

  1. Take the vans from El Nido (Lexus and Eulen Joy). Make sure to leave before 7:00AM.
  2. Inform the driver to drop you off at Roxas
  3. Travel time is three (3) hours
  4. Get off at Roxas and head to the public transport terminal.
  5. Look for the jeepney going to Port Barton. The only trip leaves at exactly 11:00AM
  6. If you still have time, take an early lunch at the restaurants near the transport terminal.
  7. Buy stuffs you need at Roxas including snacks and drinking water. Supplies can sometimes be limited and more expensive at Port Barton.
  8. Travel time is two (2) hours.


Jeepney to Roxas
Jeepney to Roxas

Via Land

  1. There are two (2) trips leaving Port Barton every morning. They are parked in front of Bamboo House just near the Tourist Assistance Center (TAC)
  2. The first one (jeepney) leaves at exactly 8:00AM for Roxas. From Roxas you may head either to Puerto Prinsesa or El Nido via air-conditioned vans.
  3. The second trip (mini-bus) leaves at exactly 9:00AM going directly to Puerto Prinsesa.
  4. Arrange from your accommodation to reserve you a seat for the trip you want.

Via Private Boat

  1. Depending on where you want to go, private boats are available at Port Barton. Carries up to 4 passenger. Prices can be lower depending on your hagging skills.
  2. Trip to San Vicente is Php 1,500. Php 2,500 for round trip.
  3. Trip to Sabang is Php 5,000.
  4. Trip to El Nido is Php 8,000.

Tourist Assistance Center
Tourist Assistance Center

Once you arrive in Port Barton, you have to register at the Tourist Assistance Center (TAC). They also have a list of accommodations, restaurants. You can leave your stuff here while you look for a place to stay.

Regular electricity in this village is available only from 6:00PM to 12:00 midnight. Beyond that, the resort owners usually charge for power produced by generators.


There are several resorts fronting the Pamoayan Beach extending all the way to White Beach, as well on several private islands. Rates vary from Php 300 (good for one) to Php 3,000 (good for two).


Ausan Beachfront Cottages and Restaurant

Beachfront Superior Room
Ausan Beachfront Cottages and Restaurant

Located just 50 meters from the TAC, they are the only resort with electricity from 7:00AM to 12:00 midnight who does not charge extra. Check out my stay at Ausan Beachfront Cottages and Restaurant. Hot shower is available 24x7. Check rates and room availability here or call at +63 929-444-0582.

Villa Marguerita

Villa Marguerita
Villa Marguerita

A lovely 3-bedroom villa that can accommodate up to 8 people or more. Amenities include a private garden, lounge and kitchen. Utilities include a refrigerator, microwave, rice cooker and kettle. It has a good view of the beach. Ideal for big groups and families. Minimum stay is five (5) days. Guests can cook their meals in the kitchen or have the caretaker prepare it for them. Recreational facilities include a pool table, table tennis set and kayaks. For reservations click here or call +63 919-488-0146.

Deep Gold Resort

Deep Gold Resort
Deep Gold Resort

Deep Gold Resort is one of the older but popular resorts in Port Barton. It was formerly called Ysobelle and Swissipinni Resort. Their cottages are as close as it could get to the beach. Peak Season rates vary from Php 800 to Php 1,500. Contact them at +63 999-383-2901.

Accommodations in Mainland Port Barton
Accommodations in Mainland Port Barton

The table above is list of available accommodations in Mainland Port Barton. It includes rates during the peak season. Prices may vary and is usually lower during the off-peak season.

Private Islands

Private Island Resorts in Port Barton Marine Park
Private Island Resorts in Port Barton Marine Park

The table above is list of available resorts in some private islands in the Port Barton Marine Park. It includes rates during the peak season. Prices may vary and is usually lower during the off-peak season. Does not include boat transfer from the mainland.


Jambalaya Cajun Cafe
Jambalaya Cajun Cafe

Port Barton may be laidback or undeveloped but they never lack restaurants that serve delicious and affordable meals. One just needs to be patient as preparations usually takes longer than the usual time.

Jambalaya Cajun Cafe is the only restaurant along the beach. They have western style sugar-free bread freshly baked from their own oven every morning. The breads are usually sold out by early afternoon. Their Jambalaya rice is really spicy. or Try their mega cornflakes bowl - a concoction of various cereals and fresh fruits served with a jug of fresh ice cold milk. They also serve Italian coffee, fruit shakes and milkshakes. Their restaurant is quite small so make an early reservation.

Greenviews Resort has one of the bigger restaurants in the village located on the second floor overlooking the beach. Live band from 8PM to 10PM. Food is a combination of Filipino and international cuisine, a bit pricey though.

Deep Gold Resort has the other bigger restaurant in Port Barton. Unlike Greenviews, it is located in the inner part of the resort but still has a good view of the beach. Prices are reasonable.

Bamboo House
Ayette's Bamboo House and Restaurant

Ayette's Bamboo House and Restaurant probably has the one of the most affordable prices in the village. What's nice about their place is the bamboo huts where diners get to eat with privacy.

El Busero is another restaurant near the beach, Their food mostly consists of Filipino and a few international dishes. Prices are reasonable and servings are adequate.


Pamoayan Falls
Pamoayan Falls

Chase Waterfalls

  1. Pamoayan Falls is the highest with a 17-meter drop
  2. Intake Falls is the source of drinking water in the village
  3. Bigaho Falls and can be reached by a twenty-minute boat ride and another twenty minutes to hike

German Island
German Island

Island Hopping

  1. German Island
  2. Exotic Island
  3. Paradise Island
  4. Double Island
  5. Capsalay Island
  6. Smart Island
  7. Luli Island
  8. Albaguen Island

Preparing for Snorkeling
Twin Reef
Twin Reef


  1. Aquarium 1 and 2
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Twin Reef
  4. Wide Reef
  5. Small Lagoon Reef
  6. Fantastic Reef
  7. Manta Ray Reef
  8. Oyster Point

Island Hopping Rates
Island Hopping Rates

The island hopping rate (as of 2014) is Php 2,000. It could go lower depending on your haggling skills. Make sure to ask your boatman what are included. There are also middle men who negotiate prices, better ask them first if they have their own boat. Snorkeling sets can be rented for a minimum fee.

For island hopping activities you may contact Mang Jensen Gabuco at +63 921.626.9191.

Sunset at Port Barton
Sunset at Port Barton

End your day in Port Barton with a stunning view of the sunset.


  1. Regular electricity is between 6:00PM to 12:00 midnight only, make sure to charge all your gadgets, batteries during this time. Inquire from your lodge if they offer electricity through generators (at a price).
  2. Supplies is more expensive in the village. To save up on expenses, buy them at Roxas or Puerto Prinsesa
  3. Take note of the schedule of trips going in and out or Port Barton.
  4. Pamoayan and Intake falls can be accessed by foot. Ask your lodge if they have any staff to guide you to the waterfalls.
  5. Island hopping and snorkeling the whole day. Get plenty of rest the night before.
  6. Peak season is between January to May.
  7. There is one grocery near the Tourist Assistance Center, which has most of the things you will need during your stay in Port Barton
  8. Some fishermen sell their fresh catch during the early morning. Ask your lodge where to find them or have them buy it for you.
  9. Everything around Port Barton can be reached by foot. There is no other form or transportation here aside from the public transport that comes in from Roxas and Puerto Prinsesa.

Enjoy your stay at Port Barton and do drop a comment about your experience here.

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