How I Almost Missed the Opportunity to See the Vanishing Sand Bar of Virgin Island

Two years ago, I had the chance to visit the beautiful sandbar of Virgin Island in Panglao, Bohol. I did not have any travel plans around Bohol then, since I was there to train some personnel in Tagbilaran City for a new software program our office was deploying. On the last day of training, I was invited to a birthday party in one of the resorts in Panglao owned by one of the staff. I graced the party and brought nothing else since I was not expecting to stay long.

The celebration went longer than expected. The resort owner, Jay, asked me to stay for the night and offered to drive me the following day to my hotel. I was not prepared. I do not have even have change of clothes, toiletries or charger for my mobile phone. I slept wearing the same shirt I wore the whole day and turned off my mobile devices to save on battery. I felt uncomfortable but I had no choice.

The following day, Jay informed me that they are bringing a guest to Virgin Island (also known as Pungtod Island) and asked me if I was interested to join them. I was hesitant to join since there will be a possibility that I will get wet but the weather was perfect and the smell of the air from the sea was very inviting. And so, I obliged.

Virgin Island

The trip to the island was just a mere thirty minutes. We were still halfway but I can already see a long and beautiful sand bar. Two boats have already docked across the sand bar as we approach the island. The sand bar was still totally submerged in water due to the high tide when we arrived.

Virgin Island

I went off the boat as soon as we docked. I was glad that I joined the trip. I have never seen a sand bar as beautiful as it was. It was long and extends to the other end of the island forming a "U" shape. Jay explained to me that the during low tide, the whole length of the sand bar is revealed. I wanted to dip and play in the water but refrained from doing so.

Virgin Island

If there is one thing unique about this sand bar aside from its beautiful powdery sand, it is the group of vendors selling fresh buko juice and banana cue. They have built a temporary shade in the middle of the everything.

Virgin Island

Too bad we will only be staying there for a while. I would have wanted to walk to the other end of the sand bar when the tide gets lower. I promised to myself that I will go back. I am hoping that by summer next year, I will get the chance to visit Panglao, go back to Virgin Island and snorkel as well in Balicasag Island. Do you want to join me for this trip?

Virgin Island

Virgin Island can be reach via Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Air Asia Zest, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines all have flights to this city. To get to Alona Beach in Panglao from the airport, click here. Rates for boat rental for Virgin Island and Balicasag Island is Php 2,300 for 4 pax and below. For 5-10 pax, the rate is Php 2,750, both exclusive of environmental fee of Php 50 per person and Php 150 for snorkeling gears.

Do leave a comment if you have been here or planning to travel here in the future.

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