My Thoughts on Coco Veranda in Roxas City

Roxas City is known to be the seafood capital of the Philippines for its rich marine life. Seafood is quite expensive here in Manila and sometimes not as fresh compared to those found in the provinces that I have been to. And so, I didn't pass the chance to try the seafood meals during my trip to Panay. After getting a short rest in my suite in San Antonio Resort, I headed out to look for a place to eat. The staff at the resort recommended Coco Veranda that was just walking distance from where I was staying.

Coco Veranda
Utazo at Coco Veranda

Coco Veranda
Coco VerandaCoco Veranda
Coco Veranda

Coco Veranda Grill and Bar Restaurant is located along Baybay Beach and is one of the restaurants in Roxas City that has a nice ambiance and view. It was not difficult to locate the restaurant since it was one of only two well-lighted diner in that stretch. The open restaurant has quite a large space but was full of customers when I arrived.

Buko Juice
Buko Juice

My first order of business was to order Buko Juice. I was surprised when my drink was served. I found the presentation quite unique. Utazo(my most faithful mascot) had the first sip of the fresh buko juice. My expectation for the seafood course just grew after this. It seemed that I was in for a treat as I waited for my food. After thirty minutes, I was still waiting. I followed up on my order and looked around on the other tables. Apparently, I was not the only one waiting for food to be served. After another thirty minutes, food was finally served.

Crispy Fish Sticks
Crispy Fish Sticks | Php 235.00

The Crispy Fish Sticks were good. But the taste was just average. The fish fillet was indeed crispy, but felt that the breading was a bit too much. Serving size was also very small for its price.

Coco Loco Prawns
Coco Loco Prawns | Php 310.00

Coco Loco Prawns is done by mixing stir-fried prawns with coconut milk, lemon grass and chillis. The food really looked appetizing but I found the taste was just ordinary, I had nothing to rave about it. Seafood prices were relatively expensive considering that the restaurant is situated at a seafood capital. I paid more than Php 300 for 4 pieces of tiger prawns.

Overall, my experience with Coco Veranda was disappointing. Maybe I chose the wrong dish but a long wait for average food is seriously not a good way to make a good impression. And as I previously mentioned, food was pricey. Perhaps I can attribute the price to the fact that I was there during an off season. Perhaps it can also be a consequence of the recent typhoon that struck the province. So maybe I can try to dine here again when I am back in Roxas City. The only good thing I can say is that the place was clean, and has a good location, ventilation and ambiance.

Coco Veranda Bar and Grill Restaurant
Lawis, Baybay, Roxas City
Capiz Province, Philippines

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