EasyTaxi and Waze Advocates Social and Responsible Driving

What happens when the largest taxi booking app collaborate with one of the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app? EasyTaxi and Waze recently announced a partnership promoting social and responsible driving. The partnership aims to facilitate mobility and unclog traffic jams by addressing the worst problems related to city transportation.

Dont drink and drive

EasyTaxi, the world's largest taxi booking app, which allows passengers to easily request for a taxi and track it in real time, has partnered with Waze, one of the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app to support the "Don't drink and drive" campaign introduced by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC). The campaign addresses some of today's social concern - heavy traffic, unsafe public transportation, drunk drivers and road rage.

EasyTaxi pioneered in Brazil in 2011 and started its Asia operations in 2013. In a span of three years it has become the biggest taxi booking app. Waze, a social navigation pioneer, is home to the world's largest network of drivers who work together to study traffic patterns. The app recommends the best route based on real-time data submitted by users. I have been using another app called Navigator fro driving but have experienced some difficulties with it. When I started to use Waze, driving and finding routes has become easier. The app has also helped me determine one-way streets making navigation better.

Easy Taxi’s Regional Managing Director Mario Berta's thoughts on the program:

“We have a lot in common with Waze, but most importantly we share a mission of reducing the traffic and increasing safety of the transportation industry. The partnership will help us assure an precedented quality of the passenger service to the roads of Manila and Cebu. With the help of SMART Communications we already enabled drivers to use Waze and Easy Taxi with no barriers through zero data plans. It’s now time to bring full synergies to the table.”

Waze Sr. Director of Communications Julie Mossler's take on the program:

“Safety is the utmost priority for Waze. Waze was the first navigation app to block drivers from texting and driving. The entire navigation experience, even reporting an accident, can be done by voice command. Additionally, Waze warns you about accidents and hazards on the road, thereby keeping drivers out of the most dangerous segments of road. Similarly, our partnership with Easy Taxi allows us to continue to strive for safety. By working with Easy Taxi, we’re able to offer our users the safest way to get home, while under the influence, and still enjoy the benefits of Waze since their drivers use Waze, too.”

So what are in store for EasyTaxi and Waze users?

  • Shared Drive

  • Share Drive
    Although all Easytaxi drivers are tracked in real time, the "Share Drive" functionality allows users to share information on their actual whereabouts to family and friends though direct messages or e-mail, as if you were chatting in the taxi with them.

  • Backup Safety Measures

  • In addition, family or friends can further request for information through the app about taxi location and driver details if they noticed any significant delay.

  • Zero Booking Fees

  • Are you the party animal who goes home in the wee hours of the morning? Or are you working in the graveyard shift who is too tired to drive home? Safety has always been a concern to everybody. To motivate passengers to take the taxi instead of driving under risky conditions, EasyTaxi has introduced the ZERO booking fee so you don't have to worry about expensive taxi fares.

The campaign started initially in the Philippines, Singapore and Brazil and potentially be the beginning of a bigger scale collaboration between both tech giants. Combining Easy Taxi on Waze app could allow the latter to use it to recruit more drivers. Easy Taxi's CMO, Paul Malicki, sees it as a big step in company's efforts to expand user acquisition to new channels.

“Waze is possibly the most complimentary product to Easy Taxi due to its embedded ability to help taxi drivers challenge the traffic, while it also reaches heavy commuters in the world’s biggest metropolis.

Today we run marketing on more than dozen different marketing platforms but with Waze for the first time we will be able to target passengers and drivers with unusual efficiency. We saw a very positive feedback from the drivers after adding Waze deeplink into the Easy Taxi app. There are so many possibilities to work together and we are looking forward to explore them.”

Not using EasyTaxi yet? download it here: Easy Taxi PH
Get the Waze app here: Waze

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