Are You Ready For A Ghost Adventure?

I was never a big fan of ghost stories. In fact, I never really watch movies or read stories about ghost. Actually, I had a ghost episode that happened one night when I was very, very young. My mother asked me to buy something from the store. It was very late already and very dark because there were no street lights. Our apartment lies near a creek and a long wooden plank acts as bridge and short cut to the store. I was on my back and about to cross the plank when a cold gush touched my body. I felt strange and when I looked back, an image seemed to appear out of nowhere. I got so scared and ran over the plank in just one or two steps. I have never told anyone about it until now and I never crossed that plank anymore... at night. Since that incident, I was never able to sleep with lights out or I would put anything to cover my eyes from seeing anything while I sleep.

Ms Kaye Rey
She is not a ghost, photo grabbed from Ms. Kaye Rey

Perhaps that incident was due to my vivid imagination since I never had any other encounter after that. Or maybe I was very young then, believed that ghosts exist and was frightened since my parents, uncles and aunts always watch horror movies back then. As I grew older, I just shrugged off the existence of wandering souls. I even have some friends who have what they called a "third eye" or "sixth sense" tell me that they just saw something while we were on a conversation.

When I was working in Cebu, officemates would often ask me how I am able to sleep in my office when lost souls wander there. Many of them have attested that there were at least three different ghosts that stay there. My office then was at the far end of the compound and nobody really goes there much. I have slept there on my own for several times and have never felt anything. I would always jokingly tell my officemates that "Baka di ako type nung multo!"

The gate of the Mansion or should I say Castle

I have totally forgotten about my close encounter when a friend asked me if I would be interested to join a Ghost Tour organized by a group called Profilers of the Unknown. I was hesitant at first, but an experience with a noted haunted mansion in Quezon City was something new and interesting. There were around ten who joined that tour on that raining Friday night. It was almost midnight when the tour started. The gate of the mansion was really big and there were no lights as we enter the 9,000 square meter lot where the mansion was built. It was already creepy from there.

The Foyer
The Foyer

The tour started from the foyer. Anton, one of the members of the group gave a short narrative of what their group is about and how they started and a short background of the mansion. That it was finished in 1982 during a time when the whole area was just a big open space. Before we entered the mansion, it was revealed to us that the pathway from the gate and some parts of the house was constructed using graveyard stones. If you look closely, you will even see numbers etched in each some pieces. The thick walls and posts are made from granite, which attracts ghost as discussed further by Anton. Was he just trying to scare us? As we enter the door, two of the guests both felt something pass by them. Was it the welcome committee? JR, the owner of the house shared to us that whenever new guests come in, the ghosts make their presence felt instantly. Two big and wide mirrors facing each other are placed on each side of the wall as guest enter the foyer. Apparently, the mirrors act like a portal where ghost come and go. So as they say.

The first room we entered was the office loft. Although only a few of us got in. Looking inside, you will find a collection of different owl figures, paintings, two antique knight's armor (I wonder if they move at night). What really fascinated me was the chandelier that used a ram's horn as one of its parts. The next area was the chapel. And it was not small. It could probably fit in around 100 people.

The KitchenThe Kitchen
The Kitchen

JR said that the game and entertainment room is where there is a lot of paranormal activity. You will find heads of different animals hanging on the walls. Chandeliers with antlers provide light to the billiard table located at the the center of the game room. On the right is a bar area while on the left is a flight of stairs leading to one of four attics in the mansion. I cannot say if it was really an attic. One of the toilet and bath area in the attic is as big as an apartment that can fit four or five people. Most of the furniture are old, very old. A poker table lies on one side of the attic. One of the doors in the attic lead to a staircase going to my favorite part of the house, which is the kitchen of course. I did not feel anything although some of my companions felt something and heard some voices. Maybe I was numb!

The kitchen is one of only few places where there was enough light to take pictures. I only had a mobile phone since we were told that picture taking will be a task delegated to the organizers. Even with lights on, the kitchen, with its medieval settings looks scary enough when you are by yourself.

The Balcony

We went to the terrace to take some breather as JR shared stories about the mansion. He said that area used to be a dumping ground for dead bodies. Everyday, when he and his siblings went to school, they would count at least three bodies in the road and at least two more bodies when they get back in the afternoon. There were also some accidents that happened in the area since there were really no street lights then. The mansion seemed to have become a haven for lost souls wandering. There were also some instances where his friends would tell him that his grandmother toured them around the mansion when in fact his grandmother passed away already. He shared a lot of stories of the things that his family and guests have experienced inside the mansion.

The Living Room

Our next stop was in the huge living area. The mansion looked more like a castle with all the antique stuff and medieval setting. There were even two thrones and another set of knights armor. However, I still did not see or feel anything strange.

Our last stop was on the second attic, if you can call it that. The attic has a basketball court, and that is just around one-tenth of the whole area. Whew! I felt something strange in the attic. I can hear footsteps from the roof. It was past 2AM and it was raining but I can distinctively hear the footsteps. Some of my companions heard it too. Were we all hearing the same thing? Was it just my imagination?

I cannot confirm anything but one thing I am sure, the mansion, or should I say castle really looks eerie. I have a friend coming over and he has a sixth sense. I am planning to go back here and bring my friend to confirm the paranormal activities that I have just experienced.

Members of the Profilers of the Unknown

The members of the team from left to right: Rovie (Media Relations Officer), JR (Photo Consultant), Anton (Tech Manager), Jade (Founder and Team Leader), Len (Medic) and Kitt (Researcher). If you are interested to take this adventure, you may directly contact their team. If you have your own experience, please feel free to share them here.

Profilers of the Unknown
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Mobile No: 09088917256 (Smart) or 09168915529 (Globe)

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  1. Interesting. I've had a fair share of encounters in our ancestral home and had a chilling experience at the Underground Vaults of Edinburgh.

    1. I did not really see anything unlike those with me who claimed they saw some. But I did feel one in the attic that was as big as 2 basketball courts

  2. Nice one, dear. I see faces on your photos.