The Unchartered Dalutan and Capinahan Islands of Almeria

Dalutan Island
Dalutan Island

Dalutan Island is a small sanctuary 15 minutes off Agta Beach Resort in Almeria, Biliran. It boasts of a beautiful whitish sand beach on one side of the island and rock formations on the ridge. A thick forest covers much of the island while coconut trees are lined up near the beach providing enough shade for visitors. Dalutan Island is uninhabited, though a caretaker goes daily to collect entrance fee from visitors and clean the beach at the end of the day. There are no amenities or electricity but kiosk and cottages are available.

Dalutan Island
Approaching Dalutan Island

Dalutan’s major attraction is its rich marine life. I saw various species of fish in the water as we approached the island. One does not need to go far from shore as corals are already visible near the shoreline. Too bad, I did not bring my snorkeling gear with me. The boatman informed us that a few exotic birds can also be seen in the island during the afternoon.

Dalutan Island
Group Picture at Dalutan Island

After going around and some photo ops we headed to the next nearby island.

Capinahan Island
Capinahan Island

Capinahan is another island ten minutes off the west coast of Almeria. Much like Dalutan, it also has crystal clear waters and a whitish sand beach. Though the sand is not as fine and powdery compared to other more famous beaches, the serenity of the island provides a distinct charm which one would not find in crowded beaches. Untouched by modern civilization, nature and adventure lovers will surely be captivated by the island's beauty and wonder. We were the only people in both island so we had the luxury of doing what we wanted.

Utazo at Capinahan Island
Utazo at Capinahan Island

This is part of my 7-day Eastern Visayas trip. The town of Almeria can be reached via Tacloban City with domestic flights from Manila and Cebu going here. From the airport, take a cab and alight at the van terminal bound for Naval located in the corner of P Burgos and Salazar Streets (van fare is around P150). Travel time is around 2 to 2.5 hours.

There are also ferries from Cebu City directly to Ormoc. From Ormoc, there are vans bound for Naval. Roro boats are also traveling from Cebu to Naval and vice versa, check the schedule here.

From Naval, wait for buses or inquire for habal-habal (motorcycles for hire) going to Agta Beach Resort. For accommodation, you may get in touch with Melo Sabitsana of Agta Beach Resort.

What you should know:

Dalutang and Capinahan Islands are good places for a hideaway and to be alone with nature. Agta Beach Resort is the jump-off to both islands. Boats can be rented for P1000 or less depending on your haggling skills. There are no amenities for both islands but Dalutan has kiosks where visitors can have their picnic. The entrance fee for Dalutan is P20 for adults and P10 for children, while there are no fees at Capinahan Island. Bring your own food, water and snorkeling gears. The mobile connection is quite good at both islands and I was still able to check my e-mails while we were there.

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  1. Awesome blog my friend! Professionally I’m tourist and like to visit in different and amazing places all over the world. According to my experience the beaches and island is the most famous places in every country. Your blog is very helpful on my next tour. I’m also searching the best place to enjoy the summer season and spending leisure time alone. After complete my niagara falls canada side tour I must go in Dalutan Island on next month. Thanks for this amazing and informative blog.

    1. Try going to Sambawan Island too, it is already near to Dalutan. And since you will be in the Eastern Visayas, you might like to explore Kalanggaman Island.