3 Reasons Why You Need to Take Short Vacations

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The start of the 21st century has seen so much change due to evolution of technology. This progress has evolved our everyday lives into a fast pace that everyone need to constantly adapt with. Work schedule has been chaotic as the regular 9-hour grind goes beyond office time. Globalization furthermore changed the normal office timetable into a 24-hour round the clock occupation. Gone are the days when work was just a simple routine.

Sleeping on the job
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Our jobs has literally turned us into work slaves that sleep has become somewhat a luxury and weekends are the only days where we could get a decent rest. For some like me, weekends are the most awaited days of the week as I get to plan an escape from reality. I take trips around the country during weekends and slowly I am able to explore the places I want to file a vacation leave or be away from work for a long period. This way I get to keep my sanity intact.

The following are some of the reasons why everyone needs to take short trips aside from lengthy vacations.


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Not everybody can just leave his job, business or any other obligation just to go on a lengthy vacation. Each has his own responsibility to take care of including his source of income, family or studies. A short trip is ideal since you will only be gone during the weekend and there will be no need to file a leave of absence from work.

Recharge Yourself

Recharge Yourself
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This is the best time to recharge your body. There are times when we get so tired, drained and pissed off since we cannot solve a problem but after getting enough rest, the solution just pops out of nowhere. A quick weekend getaway will soothe the daily stress and refresh you before you go back to the urban jungle.

Bond with your loved ones

Bond with your loved ones
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Everybody is busy during the whole week that we barely have time to see each other. A weekend getaway is the perfect time to spend with your loved ones, family or friends and catch up. Time spent with the people closest to your heart is the time well spent.

A short trip at the end of a week keeps us motivated and gives us something to look forward to after a rough week of hard work. If you find yourself stuck in the corporate world and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, then a short vacation might be all you need to relax and give you some sense of life.

I know of several friends who have filled up all their weekends with different trips. It is their way of sensing that they are alive and not robots. I am not saying to do the same but once in a while we do have to enjoy life and savour the fruits of our hard work.

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  1. Good travel tips! We really need to travel to release the stress and to chill!

  2. I also prefer short relaxing vacations. It keeps the balance in our life and it is a great way to spend quality time with your family too

    1. Vacations are one way to release the stress of our everyday lives

  3. Exactly true! And we're doing just that-- to unwind and bond with my sweetie. Short vacations work for us. :-)

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  6. Time spent with the people closest to your heart is the time well spent.