Chasing Waterfalls: Tinago Falls of Biliran

Wide View of Tinago Falls
Wide View of Tinago Falls

There really is something about waterfalls that I am consistently drawn to them. My must-sees on every destination are churches, waterfalls, and beaches. And so when I went to Biliran, a small province in the northern part of Leyte, on October 2013, I sought my must-sees. But for now, allow me to share with you my visit to Tinago Falls of Biliran.

We were only able to explore three waterfalls due to time constraints. I took this as a reason for me to come back. Tinago Falls is the most popular waterfall among the more than 2 dozens of waterfalls in the province. It sits on Cabibihan Village, approximately 4 kilimoters before the town proper of Caibiran, Biliran.

Tinago Falls
Tinago Falls

The word "tinago" actually means hidden in English. The name became ironic when the waterfall became more accessible to people when the Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road was constructed. An off-road vehicle is a better choice of transportation to reach Tinago Falls. An alternative is to ride a motorcycle that takes about 40 minutes from Naval (the capital of the province). A vast rice field is the view approaching the entrance to the falls and there is a concrete stairway leading to the view deck that provides the best view of the 80 foot high waterfalls.

I watched in awe as the raging water dropped from the limestones surrounding the natural pool. I could spend a whole day here just listening to the sound of the water splashing and enjoying the refreshing water.

Utazo at Tinago Falls
Utazo at Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls can be reached via Tacloban City with domestic flights from Manila and Cebu. From the airport, take a cab and alight at the van terminal bound for Naval, located in the corner of P Burgos and Salazar Streets (van fare is around P150). Travel time is about 2 to 2.5 hours.

There are also ferries from Cebu City traveling directly to Ormoc. From Ormoc, there are vans bound for Naval. Roro boats are also traveling from Cebu to Naval and vice versa, check the schedule here.

From Naval, inquire for habal-habal (motorcycles for hire) going to Tinago Falls. Reasonable rate is P500 round trip. Hopefully the local government can do something about the transportation to Tinago in the immediate future. Entrance fee is P10 for adults and P5 for children.

For those with vehicles, check the map here.

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