Gaucho: Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos

I saw Gaucho one time when I was going around the Robinsons Magnolia after having dinner and it intrigued me to check what they have to offer. The restaurant and wine bar which serves authentic Argentinian dishes are just in their first week and their initial operating time is from 6:00PM to 2:00AM, since they intend to cater dinner and wine for those who wanted a nightcap. The restaurant pride themselves with their Asados, which are premium meats fire-roasted and grilled. The staff were friendly and allowed me to go around even if I would not be ordering anything.

The restaurant was very spacious and tables were well positioned apart. The center of the dining area was designed with black and white tile flooring and the view of the ceiling extends to the second floor which actually gives diners a dramatic view of the main dining area. The owners intends to make the center as  a dance floor and for other purposes it could serve on other occasions. On the right side were tables placed near the window that gave a view of the garden below, while the kitchen and charcoal grill is on the left side. One would feel like being in the set of the movie Zorro or any other South American film.

Gaucho Main Dining Area
The second floor that oversees the action at the first floor have bigger tables and sofas. The wine cellar and bar is also located in the upper floor. The term Gaucho actually means "cowboy" in Argentina or "vaquero" in Spanish. It also connotes the 19th century more than the present day; when gauchos made up the majority of the rural population, herding cows on the vast estancias, and practicing hunting as their main economic activities. The word "gaucho" is sometimes used to refer to chimichurri, a steak sauce common to Argentina.

Gaucho Second Floor
I promised the staff to go back and bring some friends. And so one rainy Sunday afternoon, after my friends and I attended the Ensogo Food Festival in Rockwell Tent, we decided to visit Gaucho. We arrived at the restaurant before 6:00PM and found the place almost full and most tables were already reserved. Since we were still not that hungry after coming from the food festival we made a reservation for 8:30PM.

Our table was already ready promptly the moment we came back. We started our meal with Pan Casera (P180), which is a brick oven bread with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and chicken pate. It really tasted good that we had to make another order. Only to be disappointed that we had the last batch of the day.

Pan Casera (P180)
After the bread, we had Ensalada de Remolacha y Ricotta (P280), which is sweet pickled beets, ricotta cheese, arugula and Italian vinaigrette 

Ensalada de Remolacha y Ricotta (P280)
Our next appetizer was Fugazetta - Argentinian thin crust pizza with chickpea flour and provolone that comes in three (3) flavors: Sweet Onion & Oregano (P360), Chorizo, Anchovies, Tomatoes, Olives (P470) and Spinach & Italian Prosciutto (P490). We tried the Sweet Onion and Oregano.

We wanted to order the Falda a la Cruz (US Beef Shortplate) for our main course but they already ran out since they started to serve lunch aftere one week of operation. Instead we tried the Cochino a la Cruz (P760), which is free range suckling pig raised in Romblon. The slow roasted suckling pig came with Chimichurri Sauce, assorted organic pickles of eggplant, shallots, cucumber and zucchini, and unlimited steamed or garlic rice. The pork was really tasty and cooked evenly on all parts.

Cochino a la Cruz (P760)
We also tried the  Pollo Asado (P360), which is chicken roasted in olive oil, lemon and garlic. The lemon gives the chicken a little sour taste to complement the garlic.

A charcoal grill is located at the left side of the restaurant and acts as the main attraction. It is designed with bricks on the side and with glass panes. Mango wood is used for grilling, which adds aroma to the food. Slow roasting of meat starts as early as 6:00 in the morning and takes at least six (6) hours depending on the type of meat.

It was already late when we finished our sumptuous meal and we were the only ones left inside the restaurant. The manager toured us around and gave us a backgrounder and future plans. The second floor gives a perfect view of the center, which the manager told us will be converted into a dance floor during Tuesday nights and will be dubbed as La Milonga or Argentine Tango Nights starting from 7:00PM onwards.

We enjoyed our dinner and the subtle lighting gives a perfect ambiance to the restaurant. We hope to come back and try the other dishes.

Gaucho: Cocina Y Vinos Argentinos
3/F Terrace, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia
Dona Hemady corner Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Quezon City.
Tel (02) 654 3148 / 0925 842 8246

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  1. was just here last week! we enjoyed the food as well..was able to try the falda and lamb.. so good! will try the fugazetta and cochino next time :)

    1. an Argentinian officemate of a friend tried the food here and confirmed that they're authentic, though with the addition of rice since Argentinian usually eat their dishes with potato or other vegetables

    2. Hi Mike, I'm the Argentinian office mate mentioned above. The food was good and I will go back again to try other dishes.

    3. I hope Ramil and I can join you when you go back. thanks for reading my article.