Trip to Northern Cebu: Bantayan

by Zaide Uy

This is the Part 2 of our Amazing Race to Northern Cebu – Bantayan Island. You may read about our Malapascua Adventure here: Trip to Northern Cebu: Malapascua

There are two options to reach Bantayan from Malapascua

Option 1:
Ferry to Maya Port - bus/jeep to Don Pedro - tricycle to Hagnaya Port - boat to Sta. Fe
Cost - Approximately PHP400 - PHP500 per head
Travel Duration - 3-3.5 Hrs

Option 2:
Boat Only
Cost - PHP2,000 (Capacity of 6-8 people)
Travel Duration - 2-2.5 Hours

We chose Option 2 which is less tiring and faster as well. Luckily we got a PHP2,000 boat.

Boat from Malapascua to Bantayan
Boat from Malapascua to Bantayan

We arrived at Bantayan Island past noon already. Blessed we are, the resort manager of Beach Placid gave the non-beachfront air-conditioned room for only PHP2,000 instead of PHP2,500.

Beach Placid
Beach Placid

As we would just like to relax, we opted to just order and eat our lunch-merienda meal at the Beach Placid. The price and taste of the food were reasonable enough.

Beach Placid Food
Beach Placid Food

We stayed by the beach as we watch the sunset. Bantayan is a good place to just relax by the beach.

Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island
Bantayan Island

We spent the night under the night sky, having some talks and fun times. We had our dinner served by the beach as well.

Early morning of Monday, we hired a boat to bring us to the Virgin Island which is nearby Bantayan. We did not think that entrance fee would be costly at PHP500 for 1-5 persons, as we are used to pay just PHP20 or less per head for entrance fees. So, to maximize our entrance fee, we stayed at the island – snorkeling, picture taking and just have fun.

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Virgin Island

By the time we were back at the resort, rain started to pour.

It was almost 11:00 AM, we have to (1) Pack our things (2) Eat Lunch (3) Leave resort by 12:00 NN to catch the 12:30 Boat to Hagnaya Port.

Yes! We did it! We have to, as we have a flight by 9:00 PM to catch on the same day.

We arrived at Northern Bus Terminal past 6:00 PM, headed to SM City for dinner and buy some goodies to be brought back to Manila. I went straight to the restaurant to meet Mike Laagan at Cafe Laguna as he suggested for us to order the food already, while 3 of us went to the supermarket. We finished dinner by 8:00 PM, and headed our way to the airport.

Café Laguna - Sizzling Squid, Kalabasa, Baked Scallops, Kare-kare
Café Laguna - Sizzling Squid, Kalabasa, Baked Scallops, Kare-kare

Café Laguna
Café Laguna with Mike Laagan

How to Get to Bantayan:
- Reach Cebu, Philippines via Airplane
- From Cebu Mactan International Airport, ride a taxi and head to Northern Bus Terminal
- Ride a bus with Hagnaya sign
- At the Hagnaya Port, ride a boat to Bantayan Island

Day 1
10:30 AM ETD Malapascua to Bantayan
01:00 PM ETA Bantayan / Check-in Beach Placid
02:30 PM Lunch-Merienda
04:00 PM Rest
05:00 PM Chill by the beach till sunset
07:00 PM Dinner by the beach
10:00 PM Rest

Day 2
08:00 AM Island Hop to Virgin Island
10:00 AM Pack-up / Settle bills
10:30 AM Lunch
11:30 AM ETD Bantayan Resort
11:45 AM ETA Santa Fe Port / Buy Ticket / Pay Terminal Fee
12:30 NN ETD Santa Fe Port
01:30 PM ETA Hagnaya Port
02:30 PM ETD Bus to City
06:00 PM ETA Northern Bus Terminal
06:30 PM Dinner at Cebu City
08:00 PM Head-off to Airport
09:00 PM ETD Cebu Airport

Actual Costing:
Group of 4 paxin Philippine Peso
Accommodation (Bantayan)1,600.00
Boat (Malapascua - Bantayan)2,000.00
Entrance Fee500.00
Food (Lunch+Dinner)2,170.00
Terminal Fee40.00
Ferry (170 each)680.00
Bus (150 each)600.00
Jeep (8 each)32.00
Dinner (390 each)1,560.00
Terminal Fee (200 each)800.00
Divide by 42,608.00

Trip to Northern Cebu: Malapascua

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  1. This is The BEST ever Travel Blog!! Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks mam for always visiting and reading my articles

  2. Hi,

    My name is JR Jose from Imus, Cavite. I would like to thank the "Travel GOd" (if there's any ☻) for finding this site. I commend this "Travel Blog" as very informative to DIY travellers like me. I have been planning my Cebu-Malapascua-Bantayan trip for almost 3 weeks now. I plan to go there along w/ my family end of Oct 2013. I hope the weather will be cooperative. I was so amazed you confirmed here that there are buses/jeepneys bound for Hagnaya (or Don Pedro) from Maya Port. I saw one blog about the buses bound for Hagnaya port but they (bloggers) have been argueing if the statement is true. By the way, I just have few questions.

    1. I understand that you took a boat ride from Malapascua going to Bantayan, but would you know if the buses from Maya to Hagnaya are airconditioned? What's the road condition there? Can you also clarify if the boat ride from Malapascua to Bantayan would cost 1k or 2k. Under "actual costing" you stated it costs Php 1k but above you stated you got it for Php 2k.

    2. If the boat would only cost Php 1k, do you have any contact info for that person who offered you that rate? Because if it would only cost Php 1k, I will take that instead taking a land trip. (Would appreciate if you post the contact info here)

    3. In Malapascua, is Bounty Beach Better than Logon?

    4. Which is better, Malapascua or Bantayan? I'm more of an adventure greedy person. I've known that Malapascua has a site where we could do a cliff jump.

    I apologize if it will take you time to answer these, I only rely on google map and it's search engine whenever I plan to go on a travel.

    I look forward to getting an answer from you and would appreciate your response. Thanks in advance.

    1. 1. sorry for the typo error, the boat is 2K.
      2. will get contact person for this, and post it
      3. will check and ask about this, please give me some time
      4. will check this also, as there was no time to research on this.

    2. Wow, I appreciate your immediate response. Yes, just take your time. I'll just check your blog from time to time. Thanks! -JR

  3. Hi JR

    Sorry, was just able to read this now.

    1. Oops sorry for the typo error. yes it should be PHP2K
    2. No contact number, just have to talk with the boatmen there and haggle the price.
    3. I was not able to go to those places mentioned
    4. Malapascua is for adventure seekers, it is a diving site to see fishes as well as shipwrecks. Bantayan is on the relaxation side.