Corazon: A Filipino - Hispanic Cuisine

It was my second weekend in Manila and I attended iBlog - an annual blogger's event, which was held at the Malcolm Hall of the Univesity of the Philippines. I joined Fitz, the thirstyblogger, Don, of bonggaba,& Rina of and invited Zaide as well. After the event, we felt very hungry and decided to join Zaide who will be meeting her high school friends for dinner in this new restaurant: Corazon, which is located at the 4th Level of Shangrila Plaza East Wing.

Zaide's friends were already at Corazon when we arrived. Fitz ordered their regular bottomless iced tea (P98) as I ordered the Calamansi Malunggay iced tea (P160) before we started to choose what we wanted to eat.

The menu consists Filipino and Spanish cuisine and had very interesting names for their food, which was inspired by the chef's trip to Madrid, Spain.

For starters we had Cordoba (P235), which are chorizo croquetas made of chorizo, butter, flour, milk, egg and bread crumbs. It was quite good considering that we were really hungry.

After we ate the croquetas, the Magellan (P395), which is baked scallops was served on top of rock salt all around the plate. The salt serves as garnish to the appetizer. The taste is okay but we were expecting much more.

Next came in the Mejillones (P375), which are baked mussels served on top of rock salt just like the Magellan. The waiter said that some would tend to drizzle the baked mussels with a pinch of salt. As for the taste, it's better than the baked scallops.

After the appetizers, the first dish was served, Torres (P350). It is fried boneless tilapia stuffed with ensalada and served with sweet and sour sauce.

The next dish served is the Trinidad (P175/100g). Reminded me of the tuna belly I used to eat in Davao and had me taking several servings.

The Paella Valenciana (P595) was served moments later. Paella Valenciana is one of their signature dishes and is a plate of seafood and meat consisting usually of prawns, squids, mussels, fish filler, chicken, chorizo, pork strips, eggs and veggies mixed with al dente-textured rice.

The Sorolla (P350) is chicken and pork adobo cooked twice with kesong puti was served after the Paella.

Last in the menu was Ciudad Real (laing). It is taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and spices topped with Lechon Kawali. I was expecting it to be spicy as the chili can be seen all over the food, but it was not. The reason maybe perhaps other customers dont want it to be spicy. I had to pound the chili to give it the spice I wanted.

For dessert, we had churros with chocolate dip.

Don, offering me some churros.

Mike's Overall assessment:

Serving size is good for 3-4 persons, so better come in a group. The ambiance is good giving you a feel of old Spain. Waiters were attentive and cooking time doesn't take that long.

As for the food, I consider the tuna belly as the only dish worth coming back for. The food is expensive. Prices do not include VAT and service charge yet.

It is a good place to dine if you want to try something new.

Zaide's Overall Assessment:

Food: Magellan (Baked Scallops) and Paella Valenciana are both lacking in taste, quite blunt for my taste buds. On the other hand, Sorolla (Adobo) was too salty. Trinidad (Tuna) might have been overcooked as it was not that juicy as I expected instead was dry. For the others, just so-so for its taste, nothing special that will keep me craving for.

Service: I agree with Mike that it was good.

Price: Expensive yet not satisfying and filling to the stomach. (Approximately Php600 - Php800 per head)

On an overall note, I won't recommend Corazon for value of money and food taste. Better try other restaurants instead for the Filipino-Spanish food.

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