Chasing Waterfalls in Malabuyoc, South Cebu: Montaneza

After exploring Samboan and Ginatilan, I went back to south Cebu to explore the other towns. The bus going to Bato-barili left Cebu South Bus Terminal at 3AM and reached the municipality of Malabuyoc at 6AM. Malabuyoc is a 5th class class municipality on the southwest part of the Cebu province and is 129km away from Cebu City.

There are 2 waterfalls in this town, Montaneza Falls and Tizon Falls, the latter which is quite far and will need equipment to be reached. In one of my visits to Moalboal, a trip to Tizon Falls is offered at P3,000 per person, which includes rapelling and canyonering as additional activites.

After taking my breakfast at one of the eateries, I went to the police station to ask for help in getting a guide. After a few minutes, me and my guide are already on our way on a habal-habal (rented motorcylce) to Montaneza Falls. We arrived at the jump-off after 15 minutes and saw some locals dipping the the Mainit Hot Spring. I also tried dipping in the hot spring and asked the locals the way to the falls. They told me that we need to use a ladder since there's a need to climb over some rocks to get there. Luckily, the house near the spring has a 12-foot ladder, which they lent us and with the help of the locals, we started our hike to the falls.

Passing through some small caves.

Montanzea has 4 sets of waterfalls, 3 of which are around 15 meters high.

One of the few times I had my picture taken.

One of the locals who helped us get to the waterfalls.

We can the see the main waterfalls already.

Montaneza Falls is approximately 100 meters high with a vey shallow catch basin. It is a 45-minute hike over some big rocks, smaller caves and passing through 3 smaller waterfalls. The trail would have been easier if there are already ladders or ropes to get above the rocks. It can also be accessed by passing through another trail that leads to the top of the falls. Some tourist go here with rapelling equipment and work their way down.

After getting back to the poblacion, I headed to the next town, which is Alegria.

How to get there:

Malabuyoc is accessible from Cebu City and Dumaguete if you're coming from Manila.

From Cebu City

Take the Ceres Bus plying the Bato-Barili route from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It is a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu City. The earliest trip is 2AM which is ordinary bus. the first trip for aircon bus is 5AM. Bus leaves every hour, but be there at least 30 minutes before your intended departure because all seats may be taken already by the time the bus leaves. Last trip back to Cebu City is 7PM from Samboan. The fare from Cebu City to Malabuyoc is P150.

From Dumaguete

From the neigboring island of Negros Oriental, it is a 20-minute fast craft ride from Sibulan to Liloan, Santander or Tampi to Bato, Samboan.

From Liloan, Santander, you can reach Malabuyoc in 30 minutes by taking the Ceres Bus going to Cebu City via Bato-Barili.

From Bato, Samboan you can reach Malabuyoc town proper by bus in approximately 20 minutes.

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  1. I like all the photos of the waterfalls you posted. My only problem is, some of the photos of the falls albeit unquestionably beautiful; look photo shopped, because there's not one drop of spray on the surrounding rocks and no water splash on the basin either they look rather smooth. Please do NOT take my comment as a personal attack, it is my personal opinion and no way meant to demean your hard works. No offence meant, and I do appreciate all your efforts in putting those photos together. I don't want to fall out with you :-)

    1. the photos are taken with a long shutter speed from 30 seconds to as long as 120 second using a tripod and filter. this is to show the smooth flow of the water, none of the pictures i have posted in this site were edited in photoshop or any other editing software.

      thanks for reading my article,i hope you continue reading the other articles of my travel blog.

  2. Ways going to the falls are still dangerous.hoping that there will a safe and alternative stairs instead of using woods or bamboo. Hoping it will be cemented especially there is a entrance fee to use for renovations and other expenses to make the place more safer and attractive.

    1. Currently, there are no entrance fees Montaneza Falls and the tourism office is not really promoting this attraction. I only learned about it upon inquiry with the locals. Ido hope though that the local government unit will do something to promote such beauty.

  3. Update... montaneza falls was developed already, mainit hot spring has a big bath tubs already and access to montaneza falls is very easy as it has a concrete stairs already.



    1. wanted to explore the other waterfalls, but i was not able to find someone to guide me.