Chasing Waterfalls in Ginatilan, South Cebu: Inambakan, Kampael & Bugnawan

This is the second day of my Samboan and Ginatilan trip, 2 municipalities which are both in the Southwest part of the Cebu Province. In case you were not able to read what I explored in Samboan, you can read it here: Samboan.

After having breakfast, I took a tricycle ride to Ginatilan, just 6km away from Samboan. I alighted at the Julie's Bakeshop, went around to see the Heritage Sites of Ginatilan and asked where our second saint San Pedro Calungsod used to lived. Locals said their house was already bought by new owners not related to the Calungsods.

After going around, I had my early lunch and bought some bread before I took a habal-habal and reached the jump-off going to Inambakan (Inambacan) Falls in 20 minutes. For those traveling with their own vehicles, there is available space for parking.

Halfway of the trail downwards to Inambakan Falls is already cemented.

I reached the waterfalls in 10 minutes walk and was amazed at its beauty. Inambakan Falls is around 100 feet high with a wide catch basin 8 feet in its deepest part. There is a big rock where the water drips and a small cave-in. There were still no people around when I arrived so I had the luxury of taking shots at different angles. I dipped into the water in a while.

Inambakan Falls

A little sooner, some boys arrived and I asked them to jump into the catch basin from halfway the waterfalls.

After dipping for some more time, I took a picture of Utazo with the waterfalls behind him then I headed to Kampael Falls, just above Inambakan.

It was a 15-minute hike to reach the second waterfalls passing through this steep trail.

Kampael Falls is around 15 meters tall, has a narrow catch basin and just above Inambakan. Though I was not able to soak into the water, I enjoyed the beauty of the nature just before my eyes. I actualy went back here two times, once just to enjoy nature and another time for a location photoshoot.

Kampael Falls

Afterwards, I went around to get on top of the waterfalls and took this breathtaking view. I was standing on that edge with my tripod when I took the picture of Kampael shown below.

Kampael Falls

From the top of Kampael Falls, I could already see Bugnawan Falls. It is around 20 meters high and a wider catch basin compared to Kampael and approximately 8 feet deep. Did not think that it was deeep, good thing I did not try to jump into the water.

Bugnawan Falls

Bugnawan Falls

Bugnawan Falls from another view

There was actually another waterfalls 10 minutes away from Bugnawan but i did not explore it anymore and decided to go back to Inambakan and was able to capture this closeup of the waterfalls on my way down. Notice the rock where the water drops, around that rock, the water is around 7-8 feet deep. The catch basin is around 5 feet deep 3 meters before you get to the deep part.

Top View of Inambakan Falls

At around 4PM, a half-rainbow appeared as the waterfalls reflect the rays of the afternoon sun.

As I went back to the town proper, I went around again and had my snack before I proceeded to the seaside to have this beautiful sunset. Afterwards, I took my ride going back to Cebu City.

Sunset at Ginatilan

Travel Notes on Samboan-Ginatilan Trip:


Fare from Cebu City to Samboan - Php 168.00
Around Samboan - Php 200.00
Overnight - Php 800.00
Food - Php 400.00 (estimate)
Fare from Samboan to Ginatilan - Php 8.00
Ginatilan to Inambakan Falls - Php 80.00 (round trip)
Ginatilan to Cebu City - Php 162.00

Total Expense for 2 day trip - Php 1,818.00

How to get there:

Samboan and Ginatilan are both accessible from Cebu City and Dumaguete if you're coming from Manila.

Via Cebu City:

Take the Ceres Bus plying the Bato-Barili route from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It is a 3-hour bus ride from Cebu City. The earliest trip is 2AM which is ordinary bus. the first trip for aircon bus is 5AM. Bus leaves every hour, but be there at least 30 minutes before your intended departure because all seats may be taken already by the time the bus leaves. Last trip back to Cebu City is 7PM from Samboan.

Via Dumaguete:

From the neigboring island of Negros Oriental, it is a 20-minute fast craft ride from Sibulan to Liloan, Santander or Tampi to Bato, Samboan.

From Liloan, Santander, you can reach Samboan by taking the Ceres Bus going to Bato then take the hired motorcycles (habal-habal).

From Bato, Samboan you can reach Samboan town proper by hired motorcycles (habal-habal)

Where to Stay:

Villa Isabela
Ponong Samboan, Cebu
Tel No. (032) 516-9037
Mobile No. 09163709104

Shiratani Beach Resort
Sitio Guilungsuran, Barangay Poblacion, Ginatilan, Cebu
Tel No. (032) 5161 485

Suggested Itinerary (via Cebu City):

Day 1

0230H Arrive Cebu South Bus Terminal (come early)
0300H Bus leaves (full already most of the time)
0615H ETA Samboan Town Proper, breakfast, roam around
0730H Look for a guide in the municipal hall or in the kiosk
0800H ETD for Brgy Palanan for Da-o Falls
0830H ETA Brgy Palanan, start trek
0900H ETA Da-o Falls
1000H ETD back to jump-off and town proper
1100H ETA town proper, head to Brgy Tangbo for Aguinid Falls
1115H ETA Aguinid Falls
1230H ETD for Bato Wharf
1300H ETA Bato Wharf,lunch
1400H ETD for Brgy Bonbon, Hidden Falls
1500H ETA Bonbon Hidden Falls
1600H ETD for town proper
1700H ETA Town proper, find accomodation.
1800H Dinner

Day 2

0630H Wake up, prepare
0730H ETD for Ginatilan
0800H ETA Ginatilan, roam around, see heritage sites, brunch
1100H ETD for Inambakan Falls
1130H ETA Brgy Calabawan,
1145H ETA Inambakan Falls
1300H ETD for Kampael Falls
1315H ETA Kampael Falls
1430H ETA Bugnawan Falls
1530H ETA Inambkan Falls
1630H ETD for town proper
1700H ETA town proper
1800H Sunset
1830H Take bus back to Cebu City

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  3. nice photos! did you go there by yourself?

    sad you missed to go to Aguinid Falls. it's really nice there.

    1. this was my first trip, went back here three more times.

    2. i actually went to Aguinid Falls the previous day

  4. Thank you for this! Very helpful guide!

  5. Replies
    1. from Ginatilan Proper, motorcycles or habal-habal can bring you to the jumpoff, from there it is a 5-minute walk, so no need for guide actually

  6. hello, any place you can recommend to stay overnight near or around ginatilan?

    1. there are accommodations at samboan, the town next to ginatilan. you can also try to visit the other waterfalls there. otherwise, you can stay at moalboal.

  7. that sunset picture makes me miss Ginatilan & Samboan. I could still remember how peaceful the place is after the sunset. :)

  8. I am definitely going there! Thanks Mike for the beautiful pictures! :)

    1. is there any problem about signal in ourphones?

  9. is there any problem of cellphone communication in ginantilan?
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