Chasing Waterfalls in Alegria, South Cebu: Cambais

After my trip to Montaneza Falls in Malabuyoc, I headed to Alegria, the next town going back to Cebu City. Alegria is a 4th class municipality in Cebu province in the Philippines. Known for its Kawayan products (local bamboo) it holds an annual Kawayan Festival during their Town Fiesta along with a trade fair showcasing various products made of bamboo.

It is 113km and 2.5 hours away from Cebu City, the Queen City of the South of the Philippines. Aside from the waterfalls, there are a lot of caves that can be explored in this quiet town, unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of time. Perhaps when I go back here.

I alighted at the Heritage Park of the town where a Baluarte facing the sea, made of coral stone and lime mortar that served as lookout stations in detecting the coming of Moro and pirate ships was erected. There are two (2) churches in this 9-barangay town: St. Francis Xavier Parish, which is in the poblacion and San Jose Parish which is in the other side of the town.

After going around, I had my lunch then went to the Police Station to help me get a guide and ride towards my destination - Cambais Falls. After a few minutes, me and my guide are already on our way to Brgy Guadalupe. We reached the jump-off in 30 minutes and started our trek under the scorching heat of the sun.

Part of the trail to Cambais Falls.

From this point, there are two ways to Cambais Fall, going straight ahead will lead to the second falls, while the going down from this point is the trail to the first falls. I know its not much of a landmark, and I got lost too since my guide went ahead, good he went back and called me. We went downwards from here.

The only house that we passed by on the trail. If you don't see this house when you go down, you mght be lost already...

After 30 minutes of walking, we already reached the first level of the Cambais Falls, which is around 10 meters high and a very wide catch basin. I was not able to check how deep the water since I didnt bring extra clothes but in my estimate, it is shallow.

Another angle of the first level of Cambais Falls.

The second level can be accessed by passing throught the first level and cross the stream but since I dont have extra clothes, we had to go around to be able to reach the second level. The second level of the Cambais Falls is 25 meters high and can be climbed. Its catch basin looks deep and very inviting to jump in from where I was taking pictures.

We had snacks when we got back in the poblacion and I waited for sunset before leaving back for Cebu City.

Alegria is accessible from Cebu City and Dumaguete if you're coming from Manila.

From Cebu City

Take the Ceres Bus plying the Bato-Barili route from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It is a 2.5-hour bus ride from Cebu City. The earliest trip is 2AM which is ordinary bus. the first trip for aircon bus is 5AM. Bus leaves every hour, but be there at least 30 minutes before your intended departure because all seats may be taken already by the time the bus leaves. Last trip back to Cebu City is 7PM from Samboan. The fare from Cebu City to Alegria is P140.

From Dumaguete

From the neigboring island of Negros Oriental, it is a 20-minute fast craft ride from Sibulan to Liloan, Santander or Tampi to Bato, Samboan.

From Liloan, Santander, you can reach Alegria in 45 minutes by taking the Ceres Bus going to Cebu City via Bato-Barili.

From Bato, Samboan you can reach Alegria town proper by bus in approximately 30 minutes.

Expenses Malabuyoc & Alegria Trip

Cebu City to Malabuyoc = P150
Breakfast = 60
Poblacion to jump off - Montaneza Falls Round Trip = 40
Malabuyoc to Alegria = 15
Lunch = 60
Poblacion to jump off - Cambais Fall Round Trip = 80
Dinner = 80
Alegria to Cebu City = 140

Total = P625

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  1. All the while I thought I only had the city to see when I finally visit Cebu. Ganda!

  2. Hi. Did you have to pay for the guide? And if yes, how much? :)

  3. Hi. Did you have to pay for the guide? And if yes, how much? :)

    1. i am not sure how much they charge for the guide. i was escorted by a friend who lives in the area

  4. Hi! Just like to ask from where did you see the sunset? Thanks :D

    1. cant remember mam, i think it was in the carinderia where i ate. it was along the shore so i had a clear view of the sunset.