Southeast Cebu Heritage Trail: TRAVEL GUIDE

The Southeast Cebu Heritage Tour can be completed in 1 day. One can start from Carcar City going to Oslob, hopping from town to town which is just half an hour away from each other. To make the most of the trip, one must leave early and take the buses bound for Santander at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. To catch the break of dawn and sunrise at Oslob one must be at the bus terminal at 1:30AM for the 2:00AM trip.

Time check: 5:00AM

Buy bread & coffee at the bakery before walking towards the Oslob Bay.

Time check: 6:00AM

The tour around the heritage of Oslob can be finished in 30 minutes to 1 hour. This includes the Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada, Cuartel, the Baluarte & Shrine of Fr Julian Bermejo. The interval between buses is 30 minutes. Time spent here is 120 minutes.

Time Check: 7:00AM, ride bus to Boljoon

The trip going to Boljoon town proper is approximately 15-20 minutes. From the town proper, its a 5-minute walk to the Nuesta Senora de Patrocinio Parish Church complex. The Fortress/Blockhouse and Escuela Catolica is just near the church. The heritage houses and the first baluarte can be reached by foot in a total of 30 minutes. The other balaurte can be reached by habal-habal in 15 minutes. Time spent here is 120 minutes plus another 60 minutes (back and forth) if you want to hike the top of Ili Rock. Travel to Dalaguete.

Time Check: 10:00AM, Arrive at Dalaguete

Alight at the town proper and have a late breakfast at Maria's Place, this is the most decent place where you can eat and has airconditioning. Their La Paz Batchoy is highly recommended. After eating proceed to the Municipal Hall and climb at the 2nd floor to get to the museum. From the museum, the heritage houses are within reach and are mostly just along the highway. The San Guillermo de Aquitaña Parish Church is 10 minutes by foot from the municipal hall. Time spent here is 120 minutes. Travel to Argao.

Time Check: 12:30AM, Arrive at Argao

Walk towards San Miguel el Arcangel, all heritage sites and structures are just near each other. From the church walk towards Capilla Mortuario, then to the Baluarte and the Hall of Justice. From there, the municipal hall is just nearby where the museum is located. Time spent here is 90 minutes. Travel to Sibonga

Time Check: 2:30PM, arrive at Sibonga

The Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa Church is just along the national highway. Aside from the church, there is also the heritage park in front of the church in the other side of the road. Time spent here is 60 minutes. Travel to Carcar.

Time Check: 4:00PM, Arrive at Carcar City

Have late lunch at Jolibee but I do recommend exploring the market for lechon and native delicacies. From the market, walk towards to St. Catherine of Alexandria. From the church, there's a museum nearby. If you still have the time, ask from the museum the list of heritage houses and how to get there. Time spent here is 90 minutes. Travel back to Cebu City.

Time Check: 7:00PM, Arrive at Cebu South Bus Terminal.
Dinner at Larsian is highly recommended after a rigidous day trip.

For those coming from Luzon, Mindanao, Cebu can be reached by plane. For those coming from Western and Eastern Visayas, Cebu can be reached by both plane and boat.

If you're coming as a group of 8-10 pax, it is recommended to rent a van if you want to be more comfortable and don't want to wait for the bus.

Suggested Itinerary:

0130H Arrive Cebu South Bus Terminal, take bus going to Santander
0200H Bus departs for Santander
0500H ETA Oslob, sunrise and heritage tour
0700H ETD for Boljoon
0730H ETA Boljoon, heritage tour
0930H ETD for Dalaguete
1000H ETA Dalaguete, heritage tour
1200H ETD for Argao
1230H ETA Argao, heritage tour
1400H ETD for Sibonga
1430H ETA Sibonga, heritage tour
1530H ETD for Carcar City
1600H ETA Carcar City, heritage tour
1730H ETD for Cebu City
1900H ETA Cebu South Bus Terminal, head for Larsian
1930H ETA Larsian, Dinner

Cebu to Distance in KM          Fare
OSLOB          119      PHP 147.00
BOLJOON          112      PHP 133.00
ALCOY           95       PHP 118.00
DALAGUETE           84      PHP 110.00
ARGAO           66      PHP  88.00
SIBONGA           48      PHP  69.00
CARCAR           40      PHP  60.00

Total Cost: Php 600.00 inclusive of meals, fare, snacks.

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  1. wow! sobrang helpful ng post nato! eto susundan ko pag dating ko sa cebu sa 1st week ng june..tnx!!

    1. thanks for visiting my sight, there are actually other churches on the west part of south cebu but 2 pa lang naisulat ko, you might want to check it too

  2. How do you go to carcar from oslob? Thanks!

    1. There are several buses going to Carcar from Oslob, Each bus liner usually have a 30-minute gap between trips.