Southeast Cebu Heritage Trail: SIBONGA

I reached Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa Church in 30 minutes after I left Argao. The church is located approximately 300 meters from the sea shore and just along the national highway in the poblacion of Sibonga which is 50km south of Cebu City. Another church, the Simala can also be found in these municipality and is located near the border of Sibonga and Argao. Just like the other towns, Sibonga was established as a visita of Carcar in 1690. The church was completed in 1881.

As I enter the church, there were a few people observing the Visita Iglesia. Looking up, I was amazed at the pre-war ceiling frescoes. A fresco is a painting done rapidly in watercolor on a wet plaster on a wall or ceiling so that the colors penetrate the plaster. This method of painting is used during Roman times and by great masters of the Italian Renaissance. This painting was done by Rey Francia, a Cebuano artist who also painted the frescoes in some Spanish-era churches in Bohol.

A closer look on the ceiling would show that frescoes are already so old that that color seemed to be peeling off.

Painted beneath the choir loft, which was near the entrance was this great masterpiece (in my own opinion) that really mesmerized me that I took a picture of the whole ceiling by parts. The next photos is a detailed set of the frescoes. I wish I could give details on each but there was no one who could give a description. I do hope you enjoy the pictures.

The last set which was really directly above the altar.

Of all the churches I visited, this was the only one without a retablo.

The view from the altar with the choir loft located at the entrance of the church.

I proceeded to the choir loft to take pictures of the interiors of the church from an eagle's point of view.

The trip would not be complete without taking a picture of Utazo.

I was really glad I decided to take this trip even though I have been in these churches previously. After taking some refreshments, I proceeded to Carcar, the last town on this trip.

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  1. Super ngayon po sir meron na ding retablo..napaganda nadin po namin church namin :)