Southeast Cebu Heritage Trail: DALAGUETE

This is my third municipality in my South Cebu Heritage. I left Boljoon and took the next bus going north and after 30 minutes, I alighted in front of the Dalaguete Municipal Hall which was built in the 1830s.

The plan of the original structure of the municipal hall is L-shaped with a symmetrical facade. It used to have clay tiles roofing (tisa) but are now replaced with GI sheet. The wall on both the upper and lower of the building are made of coral stone with a very plain finish and accented only with stone crown molding and pilaster columns. The canopy at the front is a recent addition.

This buillding also houses the Dalaguete Police Station in the first floor and Museo sa Dalaguete in the second floor. The museum showcases valuable things of Dalaguetnons in bygone era, relics and artifact that symbolizes ancient life and culture

There are around 36 remaining old or heritage houses in Dalaguete, some of which can be found in the national highway. Its just a pity that the owners don't know the value of their properties and have either made their houses into a store or made some renovations. I was only to take photos of 6 houses, maybe when I come back I can complete all.

I proceeded to the San Guillermo de Aquitaña Church after going around the poblacion. Construction of this church started in 1802 and was finished in 1825. The rectory is located on the right side of the church and is connected by a passage through the choirloft was completed in 1832. It is a typical Spanish era structure made of stone materials on the lower level and with wooden elements on the upper level

The church design is earthquake baroque characterized by buttresses found in the sides of the church. The church front is divided into three levels by cornice stone moldings. 4 pilasters with floral relief extend from the base of the facade all the way to the pediment on top whic separates each level into segments. The lower level of the facade has a semi-circular entrance way and is balanced with decorated niches on both sides. The second level has two semi-circular windows that serve as lookout. Finials adorn both sides and on the apex of the pediment.

In front of the church is the Dalaguete Plaza and a watchtower overlooking the sea, which to my dismay have been converted into a store. One thing I liked most about this plaza is the fact that there is WiFi connection around it but don't expect get a decent connection inside the church.

The 3-storey belfry was added between 1850 to 1860.

Another view of the belfry.

The church was empty when I came in, perfect for a shoot.

The interior of the church is highly accentuated by a retablo that is of Rococo design with gilded moldings. The 4-sided altars have similar elaborate ornamental designs. Since it was the lent season, the retablo was covered with purple sheets.

The view from the altar with the choir loft seen at the second floor just above the entrance.

The church has a barrel ceiling painted with biblical scenes and personalities. This was done by Canuto Avila in July 1935.

After taking pictures of the barrel ceiling, I went up to the choir loft. The following pictures is the view from above the loft.

The small window from the choir loft overseeing the plaza, watchtower and the sea. I think Utazo is enjoying his view here.

It was hot already when I went out of the church. I was about to leave when I noticed the osarium on the left side of the church. The presence of the osarium signifies that it must have been a cemetery during the Spanish Era. The relief design on the pediment of the edifice have already deteriorated but can still be seen.

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  1. Great post Mike! Never been to that side of Cebu yet. I mean the south side.

    1. thank you for visiting my site, hope you enjoyed the other articles too...

  2. I've stayed and worked here for more than 2 years- namiss ko ang Dalaguete- thanks for sharing this Mike

    1. welcome sir, hopefully i can travel in mindanao again and write my experience and exploration

  3. nice photo shoot you got

  4. Will try to include this in my itinerary when I visit Cebu in August. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. You may also check the rest of the heritage trail mam Kat if you have time...

    2. If time permits. I'll only have less than a week for my Bohol-Cebu trip kasi. :(

    3. you need only one day to visit the southeast cebu heritage as the towns are just after the other mam.