Southeast Cebu Heritage Trail: BOLJOON PART 2

This is the 2nd part of my article for the heritage sites of Boljoon. In case you missed the first part, you can read it here: South Cebu Heritage Trail: BOLJOON PART 1.

Since the museum was closed, I went outside the Nuestra Señora de Patrocinio and saw some kids flying kites on a sunny and windy day. Gone were the days when children went out to play with their friends. They are simply hooked up with their gadgets and iPads that all games are now in front of the screen. I miss those kind of days.

After conversing with the people around the church, they informed me that on top of Ili Rock (Ilihan) is a watchtower. Ili Rock is a natural rock formation at the edge of the Poblacion which served as a fortress during the pre-historic times.

And so I decided to hike Ilihan. I haven't had a hike for a while and it was hot already. The hike going up was rather hard as the trail was quite steep. After reaching more than halfway, I took a snapshot of the church complex. I reached the top after 15 minutes.

Standing on top of Ili Rock is one of the 3 watchtowers built by Fr Julian Bermejo, better known as "El Capitan Parroco". A cross stood inside the remains of the watchtower. All watchtowers are designed to see the other Baluartes before and after it in order for the person in charge to be able to signal each other if there are attacks. This watchtower is now used for processions and other religious activities during the Holy Week.

After a while, I proceeded to go down the hill. Upon reaching the church complex, I walked towards the left side of the church where a structure made in the 1940s stands: Escuela Catolica. It has a symmetrical facade anchored by a double grand staircase with concrete balustrade terminating towards the veranda. The base of the roof pediment is accentuated by wood relief ornaments. It was used as dormitory for children who were required to stay at the Escuela before they have their first Holy Communion. It was also used as school for religious teachings and now serves as a meeting place for the Parish's various religious groups.

Outside the church complex, the "Dakong Balay" or blockhouse was erected and served as the main fortress on the church complex' fortification. This structure is made of 1-meter stonewalls, tile roofs and reinforced with loopholes. The blockhouse was once used to house canons and now serves as the bell tower rising above the Rizal Park and municipal hall.

The municipality of Boljoon has around 30 old house and it would take a day to see them all. 5 minutes walk and I was able to see the Cirilo Sestoso House or "Balay" which was finished inn 1881.

Another 10-minute walk and I reached the 2nd watchtower. Though the baluarte is still whole, time has worn it out. Trees have also grown around and inside as I climbed over it.

After taking some pictures, I took a habal-habal (motorcycle) ride to see the 3rd watchtower located in Brgy Granada. After 15 minutes, I was already in the premises of Granada Beach and Botique Hotel. The owner was gracious enough to let me in and showed me the way to Baluarte Granada.

Baluarte Granada is still well maintained. The owner of the resort had it cleaned and had a roof built to cover the watchtower. The Baluarte have 2 floors and a mezzanine, one could literally stay here, relax and view the sea. The owner informed me that the Younghusbands of the Azkals Football team come often in their resort. After some chit-chat with the owner, I bade her goodbye and promised to come back to spend some time in their resort.

I went back to the town proper and back in the church complex. The trip would not be complete without taking Utazo's picture with the Nuestra Señora de Patrocinio Parish Church as background.

The next part of the South Cebu Heritage Trail is my trip to Dalaguete.

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