Kapitolyo Foodtrip Part II

In Part I of our Kapitolyo Food Trip, we managed to try 5 restaurants. In case you were unable to read it, you can check it here: Kapitolyo Foodtrip Part I with Nganga.

Since we're unable to finish all the restaurants in one day in Kapitolyo due to limited space in our tummies, we decided to have Part II for the restaurants we missed previously. We tried another 5 restaurants but however skipped Eleven Tables as it was still closed when we arrived. (So there could be a Kapitolyo Foodtrip Part III?)

In Part I, I brought along NgaNga (Paula’s mascot).  Starting with this food trip, I will be bringing along my lady love bug, however name is yet to be decided. (Suggestions are welcome).

Curiousity got into us and so we went in and asked for their bestseller, the “Chocolate Cake”. So we ordered the smallest slice they have. Iko’s is known customize their cakes as per customer’s want. Other products are pastries, breads, pastas, cupcakes as well as coffee.

Chocolate Cake (P89)

The verdict:

The chocolate cake was delicious, but could have been better if it was stored longer in a refrigerator to make it a little cooler. It was not that moist as well which is what I would love for chocolate cakes. There is nothing much to expect from this bakeshop.

Actual Cost: 22.25 x 4 = PHP89
Location: East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 409-1197/ +63 (02) 468-9583/ +63 (02) 628-4383

SECOND STOP – MILKY & SUNNY (East Capitol Drive)

Milky & Sunny is your all-day breakfast restaurant that serves omelettes, pancakes, rice meals, appetizers, pastas shakes and many others. For merienda, we ordered omelette and pancakes.

Tomatoes + Mozzarella + Pepperoni Omelette (P150)
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancakes (P160)

The verdict:

Omelette was yummy and tasty with the combination of the ingredients while the pancake did not meet our expectation, which may be due to the lack of cream cheese. I would visit this place again to try other food.

Actual Cost: 77.5 x 4 = PHP310

Location: 9 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 654-2049

THIRD STOP – CAB CAFE (East Capitol Drive)

This was already part of the Kapitolyo Foodtrip Part I with Nganga. We came back in this restaurant to try other food in their menu. I was a little bit hungry so I order Pasta Al Funghi de Tartufo aside from the cake we planned to have for dessert. I also ordered muffins for takeout: Banana Walnut (P50), Chocolate Chip (P50), Cheese (P50) and Chocolate (P57).

Pasta Al Funghi de Tartufo (210)
Chocolate Pistacchio (P127)
The verdict:

The Pasta Al Funghi de Tartufo is pasta in white sauce with Funghi mushrooms and Tartufo white truffle oil really taste good. The Chocolate Pistacchio is a must try - not too sweet and each slice is good for sharing.

Actual Cost: 84.25 x 4 = PHP337

Location: 18 East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 477-5382

FOURTH STOP - RUB RIBS & BBQ (East Capitol Drive)

Are you craving for ribs that's affordable yet still delicious? Try Rub Ribs & BBQ then!
On our fourth stop, 2 additional food trippers joined us. We walked our way from CAB (#18) to RUB (#88) that is quite a distance to get some space in our tummies for the ribs.

After much contemplation whether to order food good for 4 or good for 2, we decided with the Super Duo over the Family Brunch since we are not that hungry and we still have plans for dinner. The choices for the sides: Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato, Homemade Potato Fries, Grilled Butter Corn, Garlic Spinach & Mushroom, Coleslaw, Bacon and Potato Salad, Buttered Vegetables, Sprice (Spiced Fried Rice), Texas Toast.

Super Duo (P370)
Family Brunch - Serves 4, Ribs plus 3 sides (685)
Super Duo – Serves 2, Ribs plus 2 sides (P370)
Singles - Serves 1, Ribs plus 1 side plus 1 rice (P205)

Rub also has other food in the menu; My family and I have tried before for takeout – Chicken Fingers (not really recommended) and Grilled Fish with Spinach and Lemon Butter Sauce (yummy!)

Dinner Meal for 5 Adults and 2 Kids
Starting from lower left then counterclockwise -- Chicken Fingers (P220), Shredded corn, Mashed Potato, White Sauce Pasta (P200), Grilled Fish (P195), and Family Brunch Ribs (P685)

Grilled Fish with Spinach and Lemon Butter Sauce (P195)

Some framed quotes on the walls of the restaurant.

Interesting to try as well in Rub is their dessert -- Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The verdict:

The ribs are indeed delicious and gives value to your money.

Actual Cost: 62 x 6 = PHP370

Location: 88 East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 624-6850


I was left in Kapitolyo since I have prior commitment to meet up with my college friends, while the others went to Som’s Noodle House near Rockwell which serves cheap authentic Thai food (I have already tried this restaurant and it is recommended to try).
Joe’s Meatshack in Kapitolyo was actually still in its soft opening when we had dinner early May 2013. This time, it is order your own meal.

My friends' orders: 
Angus Steak and Fries (P420)

Pulled Pork Sandwich (P170)

Angus Steak Sandwich (P335)
And for me: (I try to limit my meat intake, so I chose fish)

Grilled Salmon Burger (P235)

We had some ice cream for dessert, but were not able to take a picture.

The verdict:

The salmon burger is too oily and something I won’t crave for. Well, restaurant’s specialty is meat, so next time should maybe try the Beef.

Actual Cost: P235 (for my order only)

Location: 9 East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 624-6850

SIXTH STOP – CAB CAFE (East Capitol Drive)

It was still early and everyone still has time to spare for some catching up. I suggested Cab Cafe since it is just a walking distance from Joe’s Meatshack, and so that they can just leave their cars from where they have parked it.

Three of us had hot coffee, while one had cucumber juice. Price range for hot coffee is P65-P150, while the ice coolers is at P75/P95.

We ordered 2 cakes – Chocolate Pistacchio and Cherry Cheesecake.
Chocolate Pistacchio
Cherry Cheesecake

The verdict:

Chocolate Pistacchio is a must try while the cherry cheesecake (I am not a fan of cherries so I can’t say anything about this)

Actual Cost: P0 (none for me as it was my friend's treat)

Location: 18 East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 477-5382

The Kapitolyo Food Trip might have a third visit, maybe Utazo and Nganga can join next time, by then my lady bug should have a name.

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