Kapitolyo Foodtrip Part I with Nganga

by Zaide Uy

Foodtrips are best experienced with a group of people so that you can try different food at minimal costing.

Kapitolyo is a barangay in Pasig which is a foodie’s haven as there are restaurants lined up in the area for a vast cuisine choices from Filipino, Thai, American, Japanese etc. As well as menu types of food from appetizers, main dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks.

Kapitolyo is accessible via public transportation. We rode a jeepney in Shaw Boulevard and asked the driver to drop us off at West Capitol Drive. From thereon we walked our way through from one restaurant to the other using the map provided by www.looloo.com


Nganga is the mascot of a friend, Paula, named after her as she unconsciously opens wide her mouth during picture takings. We found Nganga during our Baguio Trip in March 2013.


Nganga joined me and friends at our restaurant hopping in Kapitolyo – West Capitol Drive, United Street and East Capitol Drive. We tried 5 restaurants in total. Definitely would do a Part 2 of this.

FIRST STOP – CAFE JUANITA (West Capitol Drive)

Cafe Juanita serves close to home-cooked Filipino Food. It’s actually my third time to be in this restaurant. Ambiance is quite intimidating with its antique type of setup – ceiling hangings, lamps, lights, sculptures and lots of other Asian decors.

For now, since we are going to try other restaurants in the area, we only ordered their specialties - Kare-Kare, Bagnet and Toffee Pudding with Icecream. The waiter even can’t believe that we only ordered 2 viands and 3 rice for 5 people.

The verdict, the food was nothing extraordinary and it is quite pricey, nonetheless ambiance is really great.

Actual Cost: 215 x 5 = PHP1,075

Location: #19 West Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 632-0357


A small-spaced restaurant but still has its cozyness. The place is run by the Naval brothers (hence the name).  Nav serves modern Thai cuisine that is suited to the Filipino taste. We ordered their best seller – Pad Thai and ordered Shrimp Spring Rolls as well to match with the noodles.

The verdict, the food was good and will definitely be back someday to try their other food in the menu.

Actual Cost: 115.40 x 5 = PHP577

Location: United St., Barangay Kapitolyo
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 655-8395

THIRD STOP – RAMEN COOL (West-East Capitol Drive)

We are full already after eating at the two restaurants, we decided to have cold drinks to beat the heat - Orange Burst Iced Tea, Milo Dinosaur, 3 Iced Matcha. I added an order of Salmon Overload Sushi (no regrets for this!). 

I have recently have cravings for anything that has salmon. I used not to eat raw food, once I tried Salmon Sushi in a different Japanese restaurant, and it was tolerable to my tastes and stomach.

The verdict, I loved the Salmon Overload Sushi so most probably the maki, sushi, ramen etc are worth to try

Actual Cost: 180 x 5 = PHP900

Location: 25 East Capitol Drive corner West Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 636-0972

FOURTH STOP – CAB CAFE (East Capitol Drive)

And now, we are ready for our desserts but only shared with a slice of Mango Pavlova which is one of their bestsellers. Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside. It is somehow like sansrival. Cab Cafe’s Mango Pavlova is not so sweet. As for our drinks, we requested for hot water.

I would like to try their muffins so bought Banana Walnut and Blueberry for takeout. The Banana Walnut Muffin is one of their bestsellers as well and quite sweet, while the Blueberry Muffin was not. I liked the Blueberry better. Both cost PHP50 each only.

The verdict, I am interested to try their other desserts, drinks and main dishes.

Actual Cost: 25 x 5 = PHP125

Location: 18 East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 477-5382


For our last stop for the Kapitolyo foodtrip before we take a break from eating, we tried the Avocado Cake. Its icing was too sweet and cake itself is quite bitter might be because the fruit was scraped too much from its skin.

The verdict, there was nothing that interested me to try unless someone I know will recommend something good to try.

Actual Cost: 17 x 5 = PHP85

Location: East Capitol Drive
Telephone Number: +63 (02) 377-4808

Total Cost per person (5 restaurants for 5 persons): PHP552.40

Next stops are Hidden Food Gems of San Juan - Cafe Ysabel and Greeka Kouzina

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